Our Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room

In our Toddler Room, we focus on helping children to begin to develop their independence. At meal times, children sit around the table with a member of staff. They are encouraged to begin to use a fork and spoon, to learn table manners and, through discussion about the food they are eating, to begin to develop an understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet. Toddlers also begin to serve their own meals, practising their developing physical skills and also beginning to have some control over what they eat.

We also begin encouraging toilet training. We understand some children take longer than others and this is carefully planned with parents to ensure we are following the child's lead. We encourage children to sit on the potty at nappy changing time to encourage their own inquisitiveness.

After dinner, we have quiet time. Some children sleep during this time. These children all have an individual sleep mat and their own bedding along with any comforters needed from home.

What we do in the Toddler Room?

Toddler children all have an allocated key person who shares information with parents on an ongoing basis. This is how we keep abreast of children's changing needs and interests and the key person can then ensure that activities are provided that will capture children's interest.

In Toddler room, our focus is on learning through play. In playing, children learn to interact with others and be part of a community, to experience and manage feelings, and to be in control and confident about themselves and their abilities. Play in the Toddler room is mainly initiated by the children themselves. They can freely choose what they want to play with from a wide selection of toys and resources. Adults provide additional activities which offer new and exciting opportunities for exploration such as wet mud, corn-flour, pasta and gloop. Adults then play with the children and help them to extend their language and follow up their ideas. Children in Toddlers continue to use signs and symbols to support communication.

Some activities, such as wake and shake, story and singing time, are adult-led. These group times are planned to support children's physical development, health and well-being and to encourage skills such as speaking and listening. All these are skills children will need for their future learning.

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