Our Baby Room

Our Baby RoomAt Serendipitys, the emphasis in our baby room is on creating a safe, home from home environment. Our baby room is a warm and cosy haven with a wide selection of toys and resources which support babies' ongoing development. There is space for babies to rest and sleep when they need and lots of toys and resources for them to explore.

Routines in the baby room are tailored to babies' individual needs to ensure that there is consistency and continuity for our youngest children. We know that this is vitally important in helping children to feel secure, so that they can gain the confidence to explore and learn.

At the end of each session, parents are given a daily record completed by their child's key person. This includes information about milk feeds, meals, sleep times, nappy changes, activities and any other relevant information.

What We do in the Baby Room?

What happens in the baby room is underpinned by what we know about babies' physical needs and their brain development. This influences our interactions, the physical environment and the activities we plan and provide.

Each baby is allocated a key person whose fundamental role is to help babies build a secure attachment and build on babies' growing confidence to help them to begin to develop relationships with other children. They also share information with parents on an ongoing basis so that we keep abreast of children's changing needs.

In our baby room, we encourage early communication through use of signs and symbols, promoting the use of signs through songs and when we say regularly-used words such as 'please' and 'thank-you'. Through our positive interactions, we create a safe and happy environment. We ensure there is plenty of laughter in the knowledge that this supports babies' healthy brain development.

For our youngest children, we provide a calm, peaceful environment through our fixed resources along with a range of stimulating toys and activities which encourage babies to explore and investigate using all of their senses. Babies enjoy opportunities to see, smell, touch, look and hear different materials as well as tasting different foods. We take them outdoors at least once a day, either in the nursery outdoor area or on outings in the local community, giving them opportunities to explore the local environment and the natural world.

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