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Serendipitys Grantham is a home from home family nursery set in the heart of Grantham where children have fun as they grow and develop and family is at heart of everything we do

easter bonnet parade
Easter Bonnet Parade

The nursery has 2 separate rooms for Babies 0-2, Toddlers 2-3 and Pre School 3-5. We have an outside area for the children to play as well an local park to visit. Each Room is fully equipped with all the nursery toys and resources to encourage children development.


  • Home from Home environment
  • Homemade Meals
  • French Lessons for older children
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Outside area
  • Drop off area around the back
  • Close to Town Centre

We are open from 7:00am to 6:00pm (early starts, before and after school and holiday care are available upon request) Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year with the exception of all bank holidays and the afternoon of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Fees are due for 52 weeks including bank holidays although where possible we will endeavour to offer an alternative session.

Come and have a visit at any time, no appointment necessary

Upcoming Events

Golf at Serendipitys
Golf at Serendipitys
Date: Thursday 9th June

Details Preparing for school evening

Date: Friday 17th June

Details Father’s day breakfast, stay and play

Date: Saturday 11th June

Details Nursery open day 11- 2pm

Date: Thursday 21st July

Details Grant Sessions Finish for the summer (standard offer)

Date: Thursday 21st July

Details Graduation Ceremony, and family tea.

Date: Friday 22nd

Details School Leavers Disco

Date: Friday 5th August

Details Olympic torches in for judging.

Date: Thursday 11th August

Details Pirate stay and play

Date: Thursday 12th August

Details – Grant session finishes (stretched offer)

Date: Monday 5th September –

Details Grant sessions start back after the summer break

Read Some Parent reviews

My Son has been at the nursery for nearly two years. The staff make the nursery and the environment is always safe, clean and fun. I am very happy with the progress my son has made at the nursery so far and would highly recommend the nursery to friends and family. -Tanya Read More

My daughter loves going to nursery, the staff are friendly and welcoming and they do so much to encourage learning which is great. More importantly my daughter comes out with a smile on her face every time I pick her up which means they must be doing everything right! Julie Read More

I recently attended the nursery, on a visit from Australia and was blown away by the nursery and the staff. Such dedication and amazing environment for the children to play and learn. The staff were caring and loving and created a nurturing environment for the children. I would have no hesitation in sending my children here !. - Mrs Tout Read More

Staff are lovely with my daughter and everyone else.also with parents. My daughter's Polish, and when she started she did not speak any English, now she speaks very well. She loves to go to nursery, never cries, never been upset always happy.There are lots of activities she is very good with her numbers.alphabet,sing along.-Martyna Read More

Friendly staff. Very safe place. Lots of different activities for toddler. Very good sleeping facilities. Fresh, healthy food provided daily. Very good care.-Judit Read More


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Grantham Nursery Fees

We offer high quality childcare at affordable prices. Please see below for prices at our Grantham Nursery. If you need more information please feel free to contact our Email Us.
Hours Times Amount
Half Day 8 -1 or 1 - 6 £21.50
Full Day 8 - 6 £39.00
Full Week Mon - Fri 8 -6 £189
One Hour Extra Additional Hour £5
Early Start 7 - 8 am £6.50
Late Pickup 6 - 7 pm £8.40

Fees are due on the 1st of the month in advance. Fees are calculated over 52 weeks.

Please be aware that these prices are subject to change, please contact the nursery for the most up to date fee information.

*this usually applies to children who attend half day, Please contact the nursery for more information.

Please get in touch with our Grantham Nursery

Our address is:

18 North Parade
NG31 8AN

Our nursery opening hours:

Monday - Friday 8am-6.00pm - With Early starts

Telephone: 01476 573030

Email:Email us


About the Baby Room

At Serendipitys, the emphasis in our baby room is on creating a safe, home from home environment. Our baby room is a warm and cosy haven with a wide selection of toys and resources which support babies' ongoing development. There is space for babies to rest and sleep when they need and lots of toys and resources for then to explore.

Routines in the baby room are tailored to babies' individual needs to ensure that there is consistency and continuity for our youngest children. We know that this is vitally important in helping children to feel secure, so that they can gain the confidence to explore and learn.

At the end of each session, parents are given a daily record completed by their child's key person. This includes information about milk feeds, meals, sleep times, nappy changes, activities and any other relevant information.

What We do in the Baby Room

What happens in the baby room is underpinned by what we know about babies' physical needs and their brain development. This influences our interactions, the physical environment and the activities we plan and provide.

Each baby is allocated a key person whose fundamental role is to help babies build a secure attachment and build on babies' growing confidence to help them to begin to develop relationships with other children. They also share information with parents on an ongoing basis so that we keep abreast of children's changing needs.

In our baby room, we encourage early communication through use of signs and symbols, promoting the use of signs through songs and when we say regularly-used words such as 'please' and 'thank-you'. Through our positive interactions, we create a safe and happy environment. We ensure there is plenty of laughter in the knowledge that this supports babies' healthy brain development.

For our youngest children, we provide a calm, peaceful environment through our fixed resources along with a range of stimulating toys and activities which encourage babies to explore and investigate using all of their senses. Babies enjoy opportunities to see, smell, touch, look and hear different materials as well as tasting different foods. We take them outdoors at least once a day, either in the nursery outdoor area or on outings in the local community, giving them opportunities to explore the local environment and the natural world.

About the Toddler Room Room

In Toddler Room, we focus on helping children to begin to develop their independence. At meal times, children sit around the table with a member of staff. They are encouraged to begin to use a fork and spoon, to learn table manners and, through discussion about the food they are eating, to begin to develop an understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet. Toddlers also begin to serve their own meals, practising their developing physical skills and also beginning to have some control over what they eat.

We also begin encouraging toilet training. We understand some children take longer than others and this is carefully planned with parents to ensure we are following the child's lead. We encourage children to sit on the potty at nappy changing time to encourage their own inquisitiveness.

After dinner, we have quiet time. Some children sleep during this time. These children all have an individual sleep mat and their own bedding along with any comforters needed from home.

What we do in the Toddler Room

Toddler children all have an allocated key person who shares information with parents on an ongoing basis. This is how we keep abreast of children's changing needs and interests and the key person can then ensure that activities are provided that will capture children's interest.

In Toddler room, our focus is on learning through play. In playing, children learn to interact with others and be part of a community, to experience and manage feelings, and to be in control and confident about themselves and their abilities. Play in the Toddler room is mainly initiated by the children themselves. They can freely choose what they want to play with from a wide selection of toys and resources. Adults provide additional activities which offer new and exciting opportunities for exploration such as wet mud, corn-flour, pasta and gloop. Adults then play with the children and help them to extend their language and follow up their ideas. Children in Toddlers continue to use signs and symbols to support communication.

Some activities, such as wake and shake, story and singing time, are adult-led. These group times are planned to support children's physical development, health and well-being and to encourage skills such as speaking and listening. All these are skills children will need for their future learning.

Breakfast is served from 8am to 9am, Dinner at 11.45am and tea at 3.45pm. All our meals are prepared on-site by the nursery cook. We cater for all special dietary requirements or food allergies. Menus are displayed on the notice board in the nursery entrance area. Meal times in nursery are an important social event. In Pre-School, children sit around the table with a member of staff. They are encouraged to begin to use correct cutlery properly, to learn table manners and, through discussion about the food they are eating, to develop an understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet so that they develop skills in making healthy choices. Meals in Pre-school are relaxed, social occasions where children develop social skills and independence as they serve their own meals and engage in interesting conversations with their friends. Children in Pre-School are encouraged to go to the toilet on their own; they are given a few minutes before a staff member checks that they are okay. They are encouraged to look after their own personal hygiene by washing their hands and faces and checking their appearance in the mirror whilst in the bathroom.
Interactions: Your child' key person will continue to share information with parents/carers on an ongoing basis to ensure that we keep abreast of children’s changing needs so that we can respond appropriately. The key person plans challenging activities for children based on their likes and interests so that we know children are continuing to make progress in their learning and development. Children in Pre-School continue to use signs and symbols to support communication. We use a visual timetable so that children develop an understanding of our daily routines and know what is going to happen next. This helps their sense of security which is essential in ensuring they feel confident to play and explore. Children in Pre-School have a tray where they keep their personal belongings along with the creations they wish to take home and our letters to parents/carers. Learning through Play: In Pre-School, we are beginning to get children ready for starting school. This journey begins with us and continues when they leave us and move into their Reception year where they will continue to learn through play until they start their statutory schooling in Year 1. In Pre-School, children continue to learn through play. Learning through play is one of the key principles of Early Years Education, which is supported by a wealth of research. Play engages children’s bodies, minds and emotions. In playing children learn to interact with others and be part of a community, to experience and manage feelings, and to be in control and confident about themselves and their abilities. Play in the Pre-School room is mainly initiated by the children themselves. Children can freely choose what they want to play with from a wide selection of toys and resources. Adults provide additional resources which offer new and exciting opportunities for children to explore and investigate. Adults then play with the children and help them to extend their language and follow up their ideas. In pre-school, in preparation for school, and in line with children’s developing ability to concentrate for longer periods, the amount of adult-led activities begins to increase. These activities are carefully planned to be fun and exciting, so that children are eager to participate and learn. Some of the routines and adult-led activities in Pre-School are: Wake and Shake: Every morning, after breakfast, (and frequently throughout the day - at the children’s request) the children are encouraged to take part in our fun and lively ‘wake and shake’ session. The children love learning the actions to our ever-changing ‘wake and shake’ songs and eagerly encourage any visitors or visiting staff to join in so they can show off their ‘moves’. As well as being fantastic fun and getting children in a positive frame of mind, the session supports the development of children’s large and fine motor skills which are essential in preparation for sitting still and writing when they start school. Group Times: Group times in Pre-School increase in frequency and variety so that children get used to listening and to speaking in turn. They also incorporate basic signing to support children’s developing skills in using this as a form of communication. These adult-led groups include discussions, story times, singing sessions, games and French lessons. Outings: We take Pre-School on outings in the local community as often as possible, giving them opportunities to access different resources and explore the local environment and facilities.